Maling Road Massage  

121  Maling Road Canterbury 3126

Located within

Maling Road Pharmacy


To book your massage please ring

the Pharmacy  9836 4039

Enquiries to Michele 0432 568 038

Remedial Massage Therapy  

Cupping Therapy    

Therapeutic Relaxation    

Aromatherapy   Reiki  

Craniofascial Therapy​

Manual Lymphatic Drainage    


Michele McKenna  

Remedial Massage Therapist

Memb​er Massage & Myotherapy Australia

Welcome to my website

 As a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist

with over 12 years experience I am professional, personal and caring

Set in comfortable surrounds your treatment is tailored to meet your individual massage needs by using a combination of techniques from the modalities listed above

If you choose your massage can include a complimentary aromatherapy blend.  All essential oils used have been steam distilled from plants, are of therapeutic grade and have Therapeutic Goods

Administration Australia (TGA) approval

Massage Gift Certificates are also available

Choose from several beautiful designs

Health F​und Rebates Apply​

 For eligibility please contact your

Health Fund Provider

How Massage Works

Increased circulation and relaxation results in a cascade of

physical and emotional benefits

Promotes healing of soft tissue injuries

  - Aids healing in muscle, tendon,

ligament and fascia injuries

- Improves posture

- Increases flexibility

- Enhances joint health

- Alters perception of pain

- Reduces swelling

- Supports better and faster healing

Enhances sports and physical performance

- Helps prevent strain and

other injuries

- Faster recovery from strenuous workouts

- Speeds elimination of the body's metabolic waste

Promotes joint health

- Increases blood circulation

- Reduces pain

- Supports regular exercise

- Helps restore range of motion

- Delays joint deterioration

Improves Immune function

- Massage improves the body's ability to fight and prevent illness

- Drains excess fluid from

 the Lymphatic system

- Filters out toxins

Helps combat the effects of ageing

- Increases energy

- Improves mental alertness

- Helps relieve arthritis pain

- Inspires increased activity

Helps in reducing pain

- Relieves headache, neck, back and shoulder tension

- Helps reduce migraine frequency

and intensity

Helps reduce insomnia

- Deeper and more restorative sleep following a massage

Promotes feelings of wellbeing

- Its easier to handle stress when you're relaxed and feel good

- Nenewed optimism

- Increased energy and

 reduced fatigue

- Promotes healthy sleep

Reduces anxiety and promotes the body's relaxation response

- Balances the peripheral

nervous system

- Reduces rapid breathing

- Heart rate slows

- Regulates rapid breathing



Massage prices

45 minutes  $85

1 hour        $95

1 1/2 hour      $115

Massage hours

Thursday 10.30am - 4pm

Saturday 10.30am - 4pm

About Michele

Recent Experience

Throughout 2021 I was fortunate to have been able to provide massage services to elderly people.  Many people continue to live at home  supported by a Commonwealth funded Aged Care Package.   Throughout the pandemic and with financial assistance from Commonwealth, massage services to the elderly were deemed an essential service. Massage helped many reduce their social isolation as well as providing positive outcomes for  their overall health and day to day well-being.  

Qualifications and Training

-Diploma of Remedial Massage  (MIMT 2008)

-Certificate Oriental Massage  (MIMT 2008)

-Certificate Ear Candling (2011)

-Reiki Levels 1 & 2  (2013)

-Certificate Aged Care  (2015)

-Provide Support to People Living with Dementia - Understanding Alzheimers  (2015)

-Certificate Craniofascial Therapy Levels 1,2, &3  (2015)

-First Aid Certificate & CPR  (current)

-Member Massage & Myotherapy Australia  (current)

B​ookings and Contact

Maling Road Massage

is located within

Maling Road Pharmacy

121 Maling Road Canterbury  3126

To book your massage please

ring the Pharmacy on 9836 4039

Any enquiries to Michele

0432 568 038

Cancellation Policy

Missed appointments and late cancellations

may incur a 50% fee

Kindly provide 24 hours notice of any changes